Apparently I’m now reviewing books…?

I am reviewing the first five chapters of the book that I received from the publisher and I wish I had been given more chapters. If you’ve read Bob Goff’s previous book ‘Love Does’ then you’re already intimately familiar with Bob’s heartwarming storytelling and his ability to see the world with sunny optimism – even when it’s through a stream of tears. If you haven’t read ‘Love Does’ well stop reading this and go do that. Seriously, I’ll wait…….

Welcome back. Now that you’re familiar with Bob’s work you can relate to this analogy: remember how you felt the first time you saw Star Wars: A New Hope? Remember thinking “This is the best thing ever and no movie will ever top this” only to have your mind blown 3 years later by The Empire Strikes Back? Yeah, it’s a lot like that. In ‘Everybody Always’, you’ll walk along side some familiar friends from ‘Love Does’ while meeting some new friends too. I don’t think I’m stretching this analogy by saying there’s a Yoda in ‘Everybody Always’ (she lives across the street). There’s even a Lando-esque character too, but he drives a limo in this story.

‘Everybody Always’ is the book you wanted when you finished ‘Love Does’. And now you have it. Like all good things, it’s filled with faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.


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